Edutech Solutions is a modern generation software for coaching management solutions. It's armed with hi-tech software which can help you to success in the coaching. It automates several academic as well as administrative tasks of the coaching institute. Thereby, enhancing efficiency and saving time and efforts of the coaching management. 
1. Manage Data Digitally :
The teacher always strives for student success. We offer various proven tools like Online Exam, Classroom Exam, Performance Analysis, Personal touch with a parent, Digital Learning, Video Library, e-Assignment and more. These tools are useful for teachers and students to achieve the best results. 
2. E-Reports in one click :
Coaching management is not so simple as schools. Various things are complicated in coaching institute for example Schedule, Fees Handling, Customized Commitments, Attendance, Salary Calculation, Inquiry handing, Student Handing and Notification etc.  Edutech Solutions has state-of-art tools for handling business operations with ease. Its an ERP software comes with more than 30 modules for institute business workflow automation and guarantee 100% digitization of your coaching.
3. Analytics for Better Decisions :
It's worthful to analyze your previous work before making any business strategy. No matter it's related to service delivery(Result), ease of handing business or financial planning and predictions. Every business aspect must be analyzed deeply on the basis of previous data.  Edutech Solutions has business analytics tools and Key Performance Indicators(KPI), build through modern Data-Science practices. These tools use statistical analysis and probability for accurate analysis.
4. Various Other Features :  
Business growth is determined in various ways. Right tools, right time and right service ensure your coaching growth. Edutech Solutions is the right choice for coaching solution.
  • Create Tests in Seconds
  • Get large Archive of JEE & NEET previous year questions
  • Students Analysis Reports
  • Teacher's Analysis Reports
  • Get Teacher's Score
  • Attendance Report
  • Manage Admissions online
  • Manage Students Fee
  • Send Class timing and other Notifications Instantly and Many more.